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The NHL Network has brought up an interesting question: the moment Auston Matthews retires.

When he retires, will he surpass Patrick Kane as the top US NHL player born in the United States?

Austin Matthews- Top NHL Player

Austin Matthews- The Very Least

I believe that at the very least, Matthews will have to be able to win at least a Stanley Cup.

For those who aren't from Toronto Please keep an open mind, but do not judge him just because he's playing.

Austin Matthews- Toronto Mapple Leaf

I'm not convinced that Matthews must equal Kane's three Stanley Cups to be able to claim Kane's title.

Austin Matthews- Stanley Cup

If Matthews continues to win Rocket Richard trophies and can add a couple of Hart Trophy wins along.

Austin Matthews- Hart Trophy Wins

Naturally, being well throughout the duration time of his professional career will be an additional issue.

Austin Matthews- Duration Time

Austin Matthews- On the Television

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If you're curious about to know when Auston Matthews is on television, browse this Toronto Maple Leafs.

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