Axis Bank Mutual Funds- Two Managers Held

India’s 7th biggest mutual fund house, Axis Mutual Fund, suspended two fund managers last Friday but why? here is the answer

While the irregularities was not revealed, media reports say the fund managers were allegedly involved in front-running the trades. 

Axis bank Mutual Funds- Front-Running Case

Axis Bank Mutual Funds- what is front-running

Front-running is a dubious market practice in which an insider -- who is privy to a big future transaction by a fund or big investor.

Large orders usually move a stock’s price and the insider buys shares just before the big order hits the market.

Axis bank Mutual Funds- How it Effects Share

Axis Bank Mutual Funds- SEBI taken Action

Sebi had taken action against three dealers of Reliance Securities for front-running the trades of Tata Absolute Return Fund.

The suspended fund managers allegedly informed brokers about stocks that they intended to buy in large quantities.

Axis bank Mutual Funds- Informed Brokers

Axis Bank Mutual Funds- 9 Stocks

A financial daily reported that a preliminary investigation pointed to front running in as many as nine stocks.

Axis Mutual Fund have reportedly prompted Sebi to speed up the probe to ensure that there is no drop in confidence.

Axis bank Mutual Funds- SEBI to Investigate

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