Celebrity chef Ayesha curry served Boston Celtics fan crow on Friday morning after the Golden State Warriors won in Boston.

Ayesha Curry- Celebrity Chef

Curry's wife, Stephen Curry, was mocked at a Boston bar during the series. Game on! Game on!

Ayesha Curry- Was Mocked in Boston

Ayesha Curry was a great cook, roasting Bostonians with her tweets after the Warriors beat the Celtics in Game 6.

Ayesha Curry- Was a Great Cook

Ayesha Curry is a great cook and was kind enough to share her meal Thursday night after the win.

Ayesha Curry- Kind Enough to Share

Ayesha and Steph Curry celebrated their fourth title in eight seasons together, in the same city where she was trolled all season.

Ayesha Curry- Fourth Title in Eight Season

The Currys traded barbarians in Boston. The sign outside the bar stated that Ayesha Curry couldn't cook.

Image Source- SF Gate

Ayesha Curry- Traded Barbarians

Stephen Curry, self-described "petty king," responded to the Warriors' Game 5 victory on Monday.

Image Source- Time.com

Ayesha Curry- Self Described

Go on! took it a step further and updated their sign so that "Ayesha Curry STILL cannot cook!"

Ayesha Curry- Further & Updated

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