Baby Formula Shortage- WIdespread

The US baby formula shortage has sparked a surge of interest at milk banks around the U.S. with some mothers offering to donate.

Desperate parents of the United Statest of Anerica calling to see if it’s a solution to keep their babies fed. 

Baby Formula Shortage- Parents Fed

Baby Formula Shortage- Organizations Helping

Organizations collect milk from mothers and process it, including through pasteurization, then work with hospitals to distribute it.

The shortage stemmed from a safety recall and supply disruptions and has captured national attention with panicked parents.

Baby Formula Shortage- Safety Call

Baby Formula Shortage- Biden Administration

Biden's administration also said Friday that formula maker Abbott Laboratories committed to give rebates through August.

At the Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast, based in Newton, Massachusetts, interest in donating and receiving milk.

Baby Formula Shortage- Mother Milk Bank

Baby Formula Shortage- Massachusetts Milk

At the Massachusetts milk bank, about 30 people called looking for milk because they couldn’t find their baby’s usual formula.

Parents are also turning to online breastmilk-swapping forums to meet their babies' needs.

Baby Formula Shortage- Online Breastfeeding

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