Some have suggested there was the possibility of Baker Mayfield being able to return as the Browns the team's quarterback.

Baker Mayfield- Able to Return

"No, I think for that to happen, there'd have to be some reaching out," Mayfield stated to reporters at his camp.

Baker Mayfield- Some Reaching Out

Mayfield was the focus of trade discussions since the time that the Browns bought Deshaun Watson.

Baker Mayfield- Focus of Trade

There have been those who speculated on whether there was a plan by Mayfield as well as the Browns to repair fences.

Baker Mayfield- It Was Speculated

"I think it's been pretty obvious the mutual decision on both sides is to move on," Mayfield stated to Oklahoma reporters.

Baker Mayfield- Oklahoma Reporters

"I'm thankful for my four years in Cleveland. A lot of ups and downs and a ton of learning experiences.

Image Source- Fansided

Baker Mayfield- Four Years in Cleveland

Mayfield played the majority of the 2021 season suffering injuries to his left shoulder that is not a thrower.

Image Source- Trend Wire Sports

Baker Mayfield- Suffering Injuries

He underwent surgery for the shoulder in January and was cleared to throw for longer than a month.

Baker Mayfield- Can Now Throw

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