Baker Mayfield- Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers appeared to have settled their quarterback issue after they made a trade to Baker Mayfield.

However, since they've negotiated for the previously angry Cleveland Browns signal caller.

Baker Mayfield- Signal Caller

Baker Mayfield- Friendly Competition

 they've maintained that the player will be in a friendly competition against current Sam Darnold. 

 On Saturday the the head of the team Matt Rhule revealed the earliest date that he's planning to name.

Baker Mayfield-  Matt Rhule

I'm not putting a timetable on the quarterback position until after we get back from the Patriots week," Rhule said to reporters.

Baker Mayfield- QB Position

The Patriots week is like a true litmus test for us. That'll really show us where guys are. 

Baker Mayfield- The Patriots

"Quarterback to me, as we've said all along -- it's when we know, we know," Rhule continued. "And we're not going to rush it."

Baker Mayfield- Quarterback

The Panthers begin preseason play on Wednesday, August 13, at Washington Commanders.

Baker Mayfield- Pre Season

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