Baker Mayfield's debut with the Carolina Panthers against the Cleveland Browns was a big disappointment for him.

But the fifth-year quarterback did his best to rally his team Carolina Panthers from a 13-point fourth-quarter deficit.

He led the Panthers on three scoring drives, completed a 75-yard touchdown pass, and kicked a 34-yard field goal.

The Panthers later had a chance to tie the game with a 58-yard field goal, but the Browns snatched a late field goal.

Mayfield's poor performance against the Browns can be attributed to a combination of factors and was recently injured.

His performance on Sunday made many fans doubt his ability to compete with Peyton Manning and the rest of the quarterbacks.

Image Source- Sporting News

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While the loss in Cleveland hurts the Browns' playoff hopes, it does not seem to affect Mayfield's future with the team.

The two starred in the same college game, and Mayfield has never lost to his former team in NFL Matches.

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