Baltimore Ravens- Defenisive Back

Marcus Peters and defensive back Ar'Darius Washington were cleared of the physically incompetent.

The team saw two other players return to training after missing a few practice days over the weekend.

Baltimore Ravens- Few Practice

Baltimore Ravens- Defensive Lineman

Running back J.K. Dobbins and defensive lineman Justin Madubuike returned to practicing.

Dobbins was absent both days due to the days off were scheduled, and Madubuike was unable.

Baltimore Ravens- Were Scheduled

Dobbins was removed from the PUP list on Monday and is continuing to increase his workload.

Baltimore Ravens- From the PUP List

Madubuike is in his third year in the NFL and is hoping to be a breakout season after being selected.

Baltimore Ravens- His Third Year

The Ravens were one of the teams that had one of the most injury-prone seasons of their history.

Baltimore Ravens- Injury Prone

Baltimore Ravens- Agreement

Image Source- Sportskeeda

Peters an extension of three years agreement worth $42 million following the acquisition of him.

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