Baltimore Ravens- Consistent Winners

The 2003-2004 Patriots recorded an NFL record of 21 consecutive games, which makes them the most consistent winners.

On Sunday night the back-up players Tyler Huntley and Anthony Brown assisted in helping Baltimore defeat.

Baltimore Ravens- On the Sunday Night

Baltimore Ravens- Practice Game

Baltimore hasn't lost any practice game since the start of 2016. Joe Flacco was the team's primary quarterback.

The player who this year was in line to be inducted to the Pro Football Hall of Fame for the first time.

Baltimore Ravens- Hall of Fame

Baltimore's roster also featured Terrell Suggs who was in his second-to-last season on the team.

Baltimore Ravens- Last Season

As well as not losing preseason games is another thing that has been consistent in Baltimore in the last seven years.

Baltimore Ravens- Preseason Games

After Tucker scored three field goals during the Ravens winning their opening preseason game.

Baltimore Ravens- Three Field Goals

Image Source- Athlon Sports

Baltimore Ravens- Their Preseason

Image Source- Bleacher Reports

The Ravens took the lead in their preseason opener in 2022 by having the best turnover margin.

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