Baltimore Ravens- 4 Season Record

In the four seasons he has played for the Baltimore Ravens, quarterback Lamar Jackson has exceeded.

However, with Jackson looking to sign an extension the team has made a shocking announcement.

Baltimore Ravens- Extension Signing

Raven's general manager Eric DeCosta issued a statement declaring that the teams did not agree.

Baltimore Ravens- Team General Manager

This means that Jackson will continue to play the entire 2022 season, and the teams are expected to discuss.

Baltimore Ravens- Entire 2022 Season

"Despite best efforts on both sides, we were unable to reach a contract extension with Lamar Jackson," DeCosta declared.

Baltimore Ravens- Both Sides Effort

We greatly appreciate how he has handled this process and we are excited about our team with Lamar leading.

Baltimore Ravens- Handling Extension

Image Source- Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Ravens- Upcoming NFL 2022

Image Source- Sports Illustrated

This makes this 2022 NFL season a great opportunity for Jackson to place bets on himself.

Allen was not able to play at the highest level until the year 2020 - his third season in the league.

Baltimore Ravens- At the Peak Level

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