Bam Adebayo- Miami Pro League

In July, on the final day of July Donovan Mitchell and Bam Adebayo brought the heat to the Miami Pro League.

The game ended with the Miami crowd singing "Miami" as the Heat traded target Donovan Mitchell shot free throws.

Bam Adebayo- Traded Target

Bam Adebayo- Pro Am Tournaments

Mitchell is expected to be back at the Miami Pro League to participate in the semi-finals of the Pro-Am tournament's playoffs.

Wednesday's activities are focused on NBA players Bam Adebayo, whom Mitchell team up with in July.

Bam Adebayo- Team Up in July

This week Caffeine joined forces together with Miami Pro League organizers, and Playmaker to bring exclusive.

Bam Adebayo- Bring Exclusive

The opening quarter-final games of the week have already seen appearances by teammates NBA athletes.

Bam Adebayo- Quarter Final Games

The two players confirmed as taking part in tonight's pro-league game have been associated with the Heat.

Bam Adebayo- Associated With

Bam Adebayo- Their Trade

Image Source- NBA

Donovan Mitchell, we know is a sought-after trade by the Heat in addition to their search for Kevin Durant.

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