Ben Simmons- Philadelphia 76ers

The drama surrounding Ben Simmons and the Philadelphia 76ers was finally resolved in the court.

When the Sixers took Ben Simmons on trade to his former team the Brooklyn Nets in a deal.

Ben Simmons- Former Team

Ben Simmons- Loss of Money

Simmons was still looking to make up some loss of money he'd made from not playing in the team.

Simmons was not a part of his Sixers at the start of 2021-22 due an inability to sign his request for trade.

Ben Simmons- Request for Trade

The three-time All-Star was adamant about mental issues and said he wasn't prepared to be fully back.

Ben Simmons- All Time NBA Star

The Sixers accepted that they allowed him to work things out, but once Simmons was not keeping the team.

Ben Simmons- Allowed to Work

After he was traded Simmons filed a grievance against the team in order to get back some of the money.

Ben Simmons- Against the Team

Ben Simmons- SIgned an Accord

Image Source- Marca, SBNation

With Simmons is now with Simmons and the Nets and has signed an accord with the Sixers.

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