Ben Simmons- Los Angeles Lakers

Russell Westbrook, who was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers last year, has been a target of their fanbase.

A fan mistakenly mistook Ben Simmons for Westbrook and spotted him recently, Ben Simmons wasn't happy.

Ben Simmons- Recently Spotted Him

Ben Simmons- Different Reasons

Simmons is another man whose popularity has been declining in recent months. But, for different reasons.

He was the top pick in the 2016 NBA Draft. His athleticism, and ability to rebound, pass, and play defense at a high level.

Ben Simmons- The Top Pick

Simmons's performance has not been perfected, mainly due to his inability to and unwillingness of shooting.

Ben Simmons- His Inability

Both are both liabilities when it comes to outside shooting. Their mindsets, however, are completely different.

Ben Simmons- Outside Shooting

Simmons is more passive than Westbrook, but Westbrook can shoot from great distances 3-Pointers.

Ben Simmons- More Passive

Ben Simmons- Refused to Play

Image Source- Complex

This 6-foot-11-inch man refused to play for Sixers in the past season. He cut off all communication with the rest.

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