Ben Simmons- Request A Trade

Kevin Durant is the focus of trades for Brooklyn Nets. On June 30, Durant, a former MVP, requested a trade.

However, the Nets have not yet found an offer that meets their high expectations for Durant's future.

Ben Simmons- High Expectations

Ben Simmons- Superstars

The Nets currently have a solid roster. They have Kyrie Irving and Durant as their two true superstars.

 Ben Simmons is their All-Star guard and Seth Curry and Joe Harris are their sharpshooters.

Ben Simmons- Sharpshooters

This roster should make the Nets feel confident entering the 2022-23 season.

Ben Simmons- 2022-23 Seasons

Bleacher Report has this fake deal that sees Simmons being traded to the Atlanta Hawks.

Ben Simmons- Bleacher Report

 The Nets' concern about Simmons' Philly mental health issues may continue to be a concern.

Ben Simmons- The Nets

The Nets have not yet seen Simmons as a fit for them alongside Irving and Durant.

Ben Simmons- Kevin Durant

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