Benefits of Android over iOS 

Android is the largest used OS today in the smartphone market. It has several benefits that make it superior to iOS.

1. Android has Wide Range of Smartphone 

The range of Android devices is huge, from budget-friendly to luxurious, and there are dozens of different manufacturers to choose.

2. Android OS is more User-friendly 

The Android OS is the most popular mobile operating system in the world, with an 85 percent market share in late 2014.

3. Wide Range of Apps Available on Android 

With the wide range of apps available on Android, a wide variety of users can find a suitable application for their needs. 

4. Android OS Skin is Customizable 

While some manufacturers offer the ability to change the skin of their devices, others rely on third-party applications. 

5. Android OS supports Easy Multitasking 

The Multitasking feature important features in Android. The feature enables you to run two apps at once without interruptions.

6. Android Smartphone supports Headphone Jack 

The Headphone Jack is one of the important features of an Android smartphone. It allows to use your headphones with your phone. 

7. USB Type-C Port available in Android 

The USB Type-C port is a multi-platform connector that enables you to connect two devices to share data and charge them.

8. Wide Range of Processors available for Android Smartphone 

There is a Wide Range of Processors available for Android. Many different manufacturers make different SoCs. 

9. Android has a remarkable file management system 

Android is a popular operating system and features an outstanding file management system.

10. Storage can be Increased in Android Smartphones via MicroSD Card 

In case your smartphone is running out of internal storage, you can use the MicroSD card to increase the capacity.