Benefits of iOS over Android

iOS is one of the most reputable operating systems which powers Apple iPhone series devices.

1. iOS Privacy Feature

With iOS, data logging is a great way to keep track of which apps are accessing certain hardware elements or domains. 

2. iOS is Fast & Stable

iOS is a fast and stable mobile operating system. With just one major version and a few minor point releases.

3. iOS are more Battery Optimised

The new iOS 15 has a new feature called Optimized Battery Charging. This new feature reduces battery degradation.

4. Apps are well optimised in iOS

iOS apps to be fast and responsive. While iOS hardware is powerful and capable of handling many complex and intensive tasks, 

5. iOS Ecosystem is highly Compatible

The company provides a seamless user experience across all of its products. These devices designed to work in a seamless way. 

6. iOS gets regular Major Update

The new iOS version comes with many improvements, including a shortcut bar for quick access to text editing tools.  

7. iOS phones have got high resale value

There is guarantee that an iOS phone will hold its value in the long run, older models can retain a significant portion of their value, 

8. iOS have better hardware & software integration

iOS and Android smartphones are both designed controls integrated which make the OS more powerful. 

9. No Bloatwares & Virus in iOS

If you are looking for a way to remove No Bloatware & Virus from your iOS device, you have chosen the right phone.

10. Customer Support when Needed in iOS

Apple’s latest mobile OS, you can receive better customer support when you need it. The company’s support team is helpful