Bengals vs Giants- Preseason Football

The cincinnati bengals as well as the New York giants will meet in the 2nd week of NFL the preseason football.

The Bengals cannot only surpass their previous season by bringing the Lombardi Trophy home to Cincinnati.

Bengals vs Giants- Previous Season

Bengals vs Giants- His First Season

Joe Burrows was absolutely spectacular in his first season taking his team to the AFC championship.

They've had a terrible period of losing. The team has lost matches, players from franchises and lots of hopes.

Bengals vs Giants- Terrible Periods

The current season is Daniel Jones' fourth season in the center position for the G-Men and it could be his last.

Bengals vs Giants- Current Season

The first week of the NFL preseason the over scored in 13 of the 16 games played it was a shocking figure.

Bengals vs Giants- Shocking Figures

The lines for over and under for week Two are higher, not just because the starters are on the field.

Bengals vs Giants- On the Field

Bengals vs Giants- Smooth Play

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For this match, 38.5 will offer bettors a smooth play.Burrows won't be participating in this game.

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