No. 6 Jersey- League Wide

The NBA has retired Bill Russell's number league-wide in honor of him. Nobody will ever wear the No 6.

Lebron James of the Los Angeles Lakers was the last player who wore the No. 6 Jersey.

No. 6 Jersey- Lebron James

No. 6 Jersey- Retired by Franchise

Even before this news, no one was going to wear No. 6 for the Magic and Kings. It was retired by franchise.

This is what you find out when you research who wore the number most recently for each team.

No. 6 Jersey- Most Recently

National Basketball Associations stated in a press release that players wearing No. 6 will be for next season.

No. 6 Jersey- Next Season

It is possible that the number will be worn again by players from teams that have not yet retired it. 

No. 6 Jersey- Not Yet Retired

Bill Russell, the legendary Boston Celtics player, was recently lost to the NBA with Jersey No 6.

No. 6 Jersey- Bill Russell

No. 6 Jersey- Other Players

Image Source- YouTube

No. 6 was also worn by Alex Caruso, Montrezl Harrell, Lance Stephenson, Lou Williams.

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