BitCoin- Down by 10 percent in a Weekend

The world's most valuable cryptocurrency was down 10% Monday after plunging again over the weekend.

At a price of just below $31,000, bitcoin is more than 50% below its record high of near $69,000 from late last year.

BitCoin- 50% low from record high

BitCoin- Other Crypto News

Ethereum, binance, solana and cardano are all down about 15% in the past week, while Elon Musk's Dogecoin has tumbled 10%.

Cryptocurrencies are proving to be just as risky as stocks and susceptible to the same concerns of Dow, S&P 500 & Nasdaq. 

BitCoin- Why is Crypto Depreciating

BitCoin- Tech Investors Major Role

Cryptocurrencies are increasingly moving in sync with tech stocks with investors treating both as risk assets and often retreating.

Big institutions are starting to invest in crypto, and some global central banks are beginning to embrace it too.

BitCoin- Still Beneficial for Long Term

BitCoin- Inflation Fear is the Reason

Inflation fears, worries about big interest rate hikes from the Federal Reserve & jitters about a possible economic slowdown.

As rates (and the dollar) continue to climb, some crypto skeptics think the selling in bitcoin has only just begun. 

BitCoin- Dollar Rates Continues to Climb

BitCoin Tumbled like Never Before- Swipe Up!!!

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