Blackrock Inc- Asset Manager

BlackRock Inc. is used to break records. The largest asset manager in the world was the first to surpass the $10 trillion.

BlackRock has set another record for the most amount of money that was lost by a single company.

Blackrock Inc- - Another Record

Blackrock Inc- - Management

BlackRock management was quick to draw attention to the market's calamity in the first half.

2022 ranks as the worst start in 50 years for both stocks and bonds," Chairman and Chief Executive Director.

Blackrock Inc- Worst Start

BlackRock is now progressively abandoning its efforts: at the close of June, around 25% of its assets.

Blackrock Inc- - Progressively

This is a drop from a third of its assets when BlackRock purchased Barclays Global Investors.

Blackrock Inc- Global Investor

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While not all firms are able to withstand the rigors the market can throw at them, some do attempt.

Blackrock Inc- The Market

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To draw attention to the market's calamity in the first half when it revealed the results of its investment.

Blackrock Inc- Investment

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