Blake Griffin-  Miami Heat

Although the offseason for Miami Heat has seen many ups and downs, they are now linked to Blake Griffin.

Sean Deveney, a NBA insider, claims that the Heat expressed an interest in the forward recently.

Blake Griffin-  NBA Insider

Blake Griffin-  Eastern League

One executive from the Eastern Conference noted that "He made an impression all around the league.

Griffin signed with Brooklyn Nets in hopes of finally winning the championship he had been trying.

Blake Griffin-  Brooklyn Nets

Those hopes are slowly being shattered by the drama in the organization, between Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant.

Blake Griffin-  Those Hopes

Griffin expressed dissatisfaction with the Nets during his time in New York. 

Blake Griffin-  New York

Griffin had hoped to play a major role on the Nets before signing, but he ended up playing smaller roles.

Blake Griffin-  Smaller Roles

Sometimes, he was even sat out because of "Coach’s Decision". He made the situation public last season.

Blake Griffin-  Coach Decision

Image Source- SI.COM

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