Bo Nix- Auburn Tiger

We are now in the middle of kickoff time at Atlanta, Georgia; the Oregon offense has taken to the field and is ex- Auburn Tiger.

Nix isn't new to playing his Georgia Bulldogs, having already played them three times as the starter signal caller for Auburn.

Bo Nix- Starter Signal

In all three previous matches that the Bulldogs have received the best from Nix, who was a former five-star quarterback.

Bo Nix- Five Star Quarterback

With a change in scene The Duck loyalists can be confident that with one of the longest-running offensive lines.

Bo Nix- Offensive Line

The No. 11 , ranked Ducks to a victory against the national champions who are defending their title. Bulldogs.

Bo Nix- Bulldogs

A few years back, the freshmen quarterback from Auburn made his way into the hearts of everyone with his game-winning.

Bo Nix- Game Winning

Bo Nix- Leading Quarterback

Image Source-  SI.COM, AL.COM

Bo Nix, gunslinger, wild man, prince of the promise He went head-to-head with the future NFL leading quarterback.

Justin Herbert and won a showcase game in Arlington, Texas. Nix even played the winning drive. 

Bo Nix- Winning Drive

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