Bobby Portis- Posted Up

Milwaukee Bucks forward Bobby Portis joins the latest Posted Up episode with Chris Haynes.

Chris Bobby discusses Milwaukee's exit in round two of the playoffs in the last round.

Bobby Portis- In the Round Two

Bobby Portis- First Time Playing

Owens during his first time playing for The Chicago Bulls and why he is now attempting to help younger players.

Bobby also discusses the reasons Milwaukee is such an incredibly passionate and laid-back city.

Bobby Portis- Discusses the Reasons

His time of reflection and finding peace following his encounter that he had with Nikola Mirotic.

Bobby Portis- Finding Peace

In the most recent installment of the Yahoo Sports podcast, senior NBA insider Chris Haynes spoke.

Bobby Portis- Yahoo Sports

Bobby Portis about overcoming the perceptions people had of him following his fight during the bulls.

Bobby Portis- Overcoming Season

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Bobby Portis- In the Posted Up

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The full interview can be heard in the Posted Up with Chris Haynes podcast. Join us on Apple Podcasts.

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