Bobby Wagner- The LB Contacted

The linebacker contacted Los Angeles in the offseason to express interest in signing with them.

Bobby Wagner surprised the NFL world when he signed as a player with the Rams during the offseason.

Bobby Wagner- NFL Fans Reaction

Following Wagner was released by the Seahawks removed him, Wagner, who represented himself in the free market.

Bobby Wagner- Seahawks Released

Wagner sent a text message to Rams General Manager Les Snead to reach out and inquire about options.

Bobby Wagner- Text to Rams

"Everybody thought it was a fake," Wagner declared via the Los Angeles Times' Gary Klein.

Bobby Wagner- In an Interview

They were able to get the possibility of signing Wagner to the five-year agreement worth $50 million.

Bobby Wagner- Worth Agreement

Image Source- Sports Illustrated

Bobby Wagner- Shocking

Image Source- Insider

Wagner was the most recent big name to sign with the Rams over the last few years, and perhaps the most shocking.

Wagner was a part of the Rams division rivals the Seahawks that included the Seahawks' eight Pro Bowls.

Bobby Wagner- Pro Bowls

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