Los Angeles Rams linebacker Bobby Wagner and his attack on an opponent who been on the playing field in the course of Tuesday Night Football.

Image Source-  Insidehook

 On Wednesday, the protester was arrested and a police investigation was initiated against Wagner according to TMZSports.com.

Image Source- CNN

According to the site the report by the police stems from an attack of two Rams players.

They attempted in vain to stop the protester as an official for Direct Action Anywhere, an animal rights organization.

The linebacker was quizzed about the report by the police and stated that he had been aware of the incident.

The event went viral and people who were at the event were quick to pull out their smartphones and record the event.

It was a kind of gender reveal, as couples have become quite unique with their announcements.

We now are aware that this was a ploy to bring awareness to an investigation that is in the process of being completed.

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