Bobby Witt Jr- Kansas City Royals

It's true that the Kansas City Royals have fallen below expectations in 2022, but that cannot be said in good faith.

Although the superstar has certainly had his fair share of difficulties and had some flaws in his play.

Bobby Witt Jr- Share of Difficulties

In his first year in the position, Witt broke camp with the major league team and did not look back.

Bobby Witt Jr- In Major League

His mix of powerful power, speed that is unstoppable and an ability to make highlights plays.

Bobby Witt Jr- Seems Unstoppable

Witt, the player in Royals history and the fifth rookie within MLB history to be part of the 2020 club.

Bobby Witt Jr- In the MLB History

He's had a great season however all the factors mentioned above working in Rodriguez.

Bobby Witt Jr- A Great MLB Season

Image Source-  SI.COM, Sactown Royalty

Bobby Witt Jr- Player Stats

Image Source-  SI.COM, Sactown Royalty

He's slashed .246/.288/.439 with six triples, 23 doubles 70 RBIs, 20 homers as well as 26 stolen bases.

Witt is among the most efficient players in the AL according to Statcast and has improved his defensive skills.

Bobby Witt Jr- His Efficiency

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