The Boston Celtics come off their 22nd Finals game looking to redeem their loss of six games against Golden State.

Boston Celtics- 22nd Finals

Boston Celtics- Tight Control

After holding a tight control of the series with by 2-1 but the Celtics went on to lose the series because they were unable.

By acquiring Malcolm Brogdon and Danilo Gallinari The Celtics are boosting their power and could take part of their scoring.

Boston Celtics- Malcolm Brogdon

Their teammates will need to determine how they can help them over the hump and become more steady.

Boston Celtics- More Steady

Marcus Smart, the soul and heart of the Celtics was awarded the Defensive Player of The Year award.

Boston Celtics- Defensive Player

He was able to play in the entire 71 matches for Boston in the last season. Smart has generally been resilient.

Boston Celtics- In the Last Season

The teammate he is now with, Malcolm Brogdon However, he is well-known for not playing games playing just 70.4%.

Boston Celtics- Playing Games

Jaylen Brown who is hoping to earn the second All-Star selection following his absence last year.

Boston Celtics- All Star Selection

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