A three-time NBA All-Star Bradley Beal has declined the $36.4 million option to extend his contract until 2022-23.

Bradley Beal- Three Times NBA Star

The veteran of 10 years can sign a maximum five-year deal with the Wizards valued at close to $250 million or a 4-year deal.

Bradley Beal- Upto 5 Years Deal

With a team that is in the range of $180 million with both contracts starting at $43 million in salary.

Bradley Beal- Contract Worth

The financial option is obvious The financial choice is easy, as Washington is prepared to pay him the maximum amount.

Bradley Beal- Maximum Amount

When asked in March whether he was planning to renew his contract for Washington Wizards, Beal told.

Bradley Beal- Renew the Contract

Wizards President of the team Tommy Sheppard similarly expressed confidence that the team will keep Beal.

Bradley Beal- Tommy Sheppard

Image Source- Wizofawes

Beal was averaging 30.9 scores (on the shooting of 47/35/87), 5.2 assists, and 4.5 rebounds for 35.9 minutes of play.

Bradley Beal- Shooting & Assist

Image Source- The San Diego Union

Washington has since been paired by Beal with a myriad of contracts that are mostly poor and mediocre prospects.

Bradley Beal- Prospects of Deal

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