All-Star guard Bradley Beal has signed a five-year $251 million contract that will remain in the Washington Wizards.

Bradley Beal- Locks 5 Year Contract

His agent Mark Bartelstein of Priority Sports informed ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski as NBA free agency.

Bradley Beal- Informed to ESPN

Beal is a Wizards player who been a part of his entire time with the Wizards and has now pledged himself.

Bradley Beal- Part of Wizards

Beal was 29 years old when he turned 29 on the same day was averaging 23.2 points 4.7 rebounding and 6.6 assists.

Bradley Beal- Average Points

Washington during the season prior to undergoing wrist surgery that ended the season in February.

Bradley Beal- Wrist Surgery

The season was preceded by two seasons where Beal averaged at or near thirty points per contest.

Bradley Beal- His Two Seasons

The No. 3 selection during the 2012 NBA draft, Beal is in the top five of a range of historical statistics.

Bradley Beal- NBA Draft Results

Image Source- NESN

The Wizards were in it to the Eastern Conference semifinals three out of four times earlier in Beal's career.

Bradley Beal- Eastern Conference

Image Source- The Ringer

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