Bradley Beal- Media Outlets

Every year, when the NBA calendar comes to a standstill following free agency, various media outlets.

While some might say it's not worth the effort however, these lists are definitely entertaining.

Bradley Beal- Net Worth

Bradley Beal- Important Resource

They can also be an important resource when trying to evaluate talent across the league.

For instance, no matter what you think of the significance in a 100 top player list, if a team has plenty.

Bradley Beal- Significance

Rankings of players are beginning to appear on the web, and so far they're revealing an unlucky time.

Bradley Beal- On the Web

The whole thing is a reference to the words Wizards President Tommy Sheppard said right after 2021-22.

Bradley Beal- Washington Wizards

The Wizards were in the process of renewed its contract with Beal to an extension of five years.

Bradley Beal- In the Process

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Sheppard might have sensed Beal was on the verge of being dismissed by many after playing a career.

Bradley Beal- Being Dismissed

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