Bradley Beal- Most Miserable Year

Bradley Beal had the most miserable year during his NBA career in the 2021-22 season.

He was not able to make it through the season. Washington Wizards rewarded Beal with a contract.

Bradley Beal- Washington Wizards

Bradley Beal- In a Career Low

Not just Did Beal participate in a career-low 40 games in the last season however, but he also shot an unremarkable 3-pointer.

He had less in terms of points than he did during any of the prior seasons, and the Wizards were a complete mess.

Bradley Beal- Terms of Points

Bradley Beal is able to bounce back at the end of the season. Is he able to return to the same level of play?

Bradley Beal- To Bounce Back

From the time Bradley Beal agreed to terms for a renewal of his contract with the Washington Wizards.

Bradley Beal- Agreed to Terms

When it was announced that the supermax contract he signed contained an exclusion clause from trade.

Bradley Beal- Supermax Contract

Bradley Beal- The Sporting News

Image Source- Bleacher Report

In the past, The Sporting News added some fuel to the fire by releasing their "Best and worst NBA Contracts.

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