Los Angeles will be home to two of Milwaukee's brightest stars. Sunday's 2022 MLB All-Star rosters.

Brewers Stars- Team Ideal Players

Brewers Stars- Chosen as All-Star

Brewers starter Corbin Burnes was selected, while Josh Hader was chosen as closer. Burnes is now the 2nd All-Star.

Hader's fourth trip to the Midsummer Classic will be 2022. He was previously selected in 2018.

Brewers Stars- Second Time Champion

Burnes, the 2021 NL Cy Young Winner, has not missed a beat in 2022. Burnes' 134 strikeouts rank.

Brewers Stars- Not Missed a Beat

He also ranks 5th in WHIP (at 0.89), ERA (4th, at 2.20) and opposing team average (2nd, at.182).

Brewers Stars- Player Ranks

At seven wins, he is currently sitting at 10th. Six games had fewer than 10 strikeouts, and six had one.

Brewers Stars- Contribution to Team

Burnes is still a key piece in the Brewers' rotation, despite having suffered from injuries in 2022.

Brewers Stars- Despite of Injuries

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Josh Hader's first half as closer for the Brewers has been historic. He tied the record of the most consecutive.

Brewers Stars- Historic Play

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Houston Astros declared that designated hitter Yordan Avarez has been placed on the 10-day disabled list.

The Astros Star has been 10-Day Injured List