Brian Flores- Racial Discriminations

The racial discrimination suit filed by Brian Flores against the NFL is hanging over the league.

Flores was a Pittsburgh Steelers assistant coaching coach. He was fired by the Miami Dolphins in January.

Brian Flores- Pittsburg Steelers

Brian Flores- Suit was Filed

The suit was filed in Manhattan, New York federal court. It seeks class-action status in the NFL teams.

The lawsuit also included new allegations of racism against Flores, the Texans, and the Cardinals.

Brian Flores- New Allegations

They argued in court papers, that the employment agreements they signed with Flores, Wilks, and Horton.

Brian Flores- In Court Papers

Roger Goodell, a commissioner for the NFL, will either serve as arbiter in the case or appoint another.

Brian Flores- NFL Commissioners

The league believes and is clearly arguing this is a matter which should go to arbitration," N. Jeremi Duru said.

Brian Flores- For an Arbitration

Duru is a long-time observer of the league and author of the definitive work on the struggle.

Brian Flores- Long time Observer

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