Yair Rodriguez was landing straight hard, powerful punches. He had hit an uppercut. Brian Ortega had just taken Rodriguez down.

Brian Ortega- Straight Hard

Brian Ortega- The Epic Fight

It was supposed to be the epic fight that everyone was eager to witness, but within a matter of seconds.

Ortega's shoulder was popped out at the end of the first round as he was battling to get into the position.

Brian Ortega- Shoulder Popped

The fight was stopped at 4:11 of the opening after which Rodriguez was declared as the winner.

Brian Ortega- Fight was Stopped

When Ortega was trying to defend himself, his shoulder snapped and he fell to the ground and laid on the floor.

Brian Ortega- Defend Himself

Ortega was ranked second as well as Rodriguez was third overall in the division of featherweight.

Brian Ortega- Ranked Second

Rodriguez believed he could be able to claim the title after a victory over Ortega however what happens next.

Brian Ortega- After a Victory

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Rodriguez immediately noticed and didn't strike against an invulnerable opponent, who was injured.

Brian Ortega- Invulnerable Opponent

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