Bronny James- Notre Dame

Bronny James were spotted at the sidelines during Ohio State's opening game of the season in the match against Notre Dame.

The trip also served as the first college visit of Bronny because he is one of the most popular basketball players from high school

Bronny James- High Schools

Bronny has recently climbed ESPN's list of top 100 recruits which is now rated at No. 35.

Bronny James- No.35

Major NCAA programs such as Memphis, Kentucky, Michigan and USC have already provided scholarships to Bronny According to reports.

Bronny James- Major NCAA

There was a recent rumor it was the Oregon Ducks were the favorites to sign Bronny's signature however LeBron quickly denied the claim.

Bronny James- Denied The Claim

It's been widely established it is Ohio State is a school which is near to the heart of LeBron James.

Bronny James- Ohio State

Bronny James- Uniform Tonight

Image Source- NYTIMES, Sportingnews

He Akron, Ohio native has said on numerous occasions that he supports the Buckeyes and wore the team uniform tonight.

It's reasonable to conclude that James is the younger James is also a fan for the institution his father is a passionate supporter of.

Bronny James- Supporter

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