Bronny James- Lebron James

Bronny James appears to be becoming more like his father every time he walks onto the court.

Because LeBron James' son just slammed a hysterical posterizing dunk against an adversary.

Bronny James- NBA Star Son

Bronny James- In the EURO Tour

The moment happened just during the Club Basketball Euro Tour overseas where Bronny and Bryce preparing.

In less than two minutes of the quarter's second half, the #0 swung the ball for the entire length of court.

Bronny James- Second Half

The social media buzzing -and that includes LeBron Sr, who tweeted, "OH MY GOODNESS BRONNY.

Bronny James- Social Media Buzzing

Of course, there is a reason that the James brothers are now suited together on the same team.

Bronny James- In the Same Team

The dunk may be an indication of what's to be coming of Bronny ... who is entering his final season.

Bronny James- An Indication

Bronny James- Some Training

Image Source- Basketball Forever, Sportingnews

Bronny and Bryce James have been spending some training on the wood together with their father.

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