Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Bryce Harper will undergo surgery for a broken left thumb.

Bryce Harper- Philadelphia Phillies

Sources spoke to, NBC Sports Philadelphia, and the Philadelphia Inquirer on Tuesday regarding the expected.

Bryce Harper- Rather than Expected

Harper suffered a thumb injury when he was struck by a fastball that sped up to 97 mph in the fourth innings.

Bryce Harper- Suffered Thumb Injury

Phillies won 4-2 against the San Diego Padres on Saturday in San Diego. The Phillies put Harper on the disabled list Sunday.

Bryce Harper- Against San Diego Padres

Harper hits .318 by registering 48 RBI and 15 hits in 64 games during the season.

Bryce Harper- RBIs & Hits in Game

Harper, who has been a double-time National League MVP sustained a ruptured UCL in his left arm.

Image Source- CBS Sports

Bryce Harper- National League MVP

The Phillies have claimed the outfielder Oscar Mercado on Monday off waivers with Cleveland's Cleveland Guardians.

Image Source- Ebikecar

Bryce Harper- Claimed the Outfielder

Phillies temporary managing Rob Thomson offered no timeline for Harper's recovery. 

Bryce Harper- Temporary Managing

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