Bryce Young- Commercial Spots

The Alabama quarterback thanks to NIL The Alabama quarterback is the first college player to be featured in popular commercial spots.

As you can see in the ad Young is welcomed with a warm welcome from Tim Tebow, who continues his spirited ways.

Bryce Young- Spirted Ways

The writing behind these spots continues to naturally showcase each player's unique comedic talents.

Bryce Young- Comedic Talent

Allyson Witherspoon the vice president as well as CMO for Nissan U.S., explained to Muse by Clio.

Bryce Young- Muse Clio

Kyler Murray Desmond Howard, Barry Sanders, Baker Mayfield, Carson Palmer, Robert Griffin III.

Bryce Young- Robert Griffin

 Charlie Ward, DeVonta Smith, and Derrick Henry also appear, together with various school mascots.

Bryce Young- School Mascot

Bryce Young- Wage War

Image Source- SI.COM

In the premiere episode Young finds himself in a massive battle of the thumbs with Aubie while other rivals wage war in the home.

Baker Mayfield and Barry Sanders tackle the big elephant in the room, both literally and metaphorically.

Bryce Young- Baker Mayfield

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