It turned out that Bryson DeChambeau was given more than the 125 million reasons for him to move.

Bryson DeChambeau- More than $125M

The golfer made an appearance in"Country Club Adjacent "Country adjacent to the Club".

Bryson DeChambeau- Country Club

In the recent podcast and one of the hosts informed him that he had an "$125 million smiling."

Bryson DeChambeau- Recent Podcast

"I'm not going to go into the specifics, but that based on what's reported, it's close.

Bryson DeChambeau- Into the Specifics

What's interesting about it is I've placed it in areas that are logical regardless of whether it's an investment.

Bryson DeChambeau- Logical Regard

LIV Golf is an upstart golf club, which is backed by Saudi Arabia. Saudi regime looking to disrupt the PGA Tour.

Bryson DeChambeau- Upstarting

Some other prominent golfers who've left, despite the threat of permanent exile of on the PGA Tour.

Bryson DeChambeau- Prominent Golfers

As with DeChambeau and the others, they were reported to have been caught by the promise of nine-figure payouts.

Bryson DeChambeau- Nine Figure Pay

Image Source- Golf Digest

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Bryson DeChambeau- Swipe Up

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