Budda Baker- Fanstastic Security

It is clear that the Arizona Cardinals and their fans are aware of how fantastic security Budda Baker.

It appears that everyone else also knows about his greatness even if some of the more analysis-oriented.

Budda Baker- His Greatness

Budda Baker- NFL Top 100

His NFL peers have noticed and he ranks No. 67 in his fellow NFL Top 100 players that players vote for.

The former player Chandler Jones, now with the Las Vegas Raiders, opened the video with a smear.

Budda Baker- Las Vegas Raiders

It's a no-brainer because you'll be able to see him fifteen yards deep and make the tackle in 5 yards.

Budda Baker- Fifteen Yards Deep

He's an extremely intelligent footballer. He's always at the right spot at the right time. Budda has been one.

Budda Baker- Extremely Intelligent

When the player hits the ball, he throws it at you. I believe he walks around at around 180 (pounds) in a pool.

Budda Baker- Hits the Ball

Budda Baker- Denver Broncos

Image Source- Complex, Arizona Cardinals

Source is Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson who was a part of the Seattle Seahawks.

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