Budda Baker- Four Pro Bowls

Arizona Cardinals safety Budda Baker is well regarded around the NFL, making four Pro Bowls.

The media sees him the same way. Pro Football Focus’ Sam Monson released the 2022 NFL safety.

Budda Baker- NFL Safety 2022

Budda Baker- In the PFF List

Rankings and tiers that saw Baker ranked as the No. 1 box strong safety in the league in the PFF List.

PFF lists the safety tier as players who played “auxiliary linebackers and patrolled the box, defending the run.

Budda Baker- As a Player

Budda Baker is a heat-seeking missile in the Arizona defense, amassing 160 defensive stops.

Budda Baker- Defensive Stops

He has three 80.0-plus PFF run-defense grades in his first five seasons, and his versatility allows him.

Budda Baker- First Five Seasons

Baker finished 2021 with 98 tackles, three interceptions, two sacks and only 18 receptions allowed.

Budda Baker- Inteceptions

He finished ahead of the New York Jets’ Jordan Whitehead, the Seattle Seahawks’ Jamal Adams.

Budda Baker- New York Jets

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