Sony Interactive Entertainment has completed the $3.7 billion acquisition of Bungie.

Sony Playstation- Acquired Bungie

Sony Playstation- Studio Behind

Bungie is the studio behind Destiny, Halo: Reach and all other Halo games which is very popular.

PlayStation shared the news via Twitter, stating that "the agreement to acquire Bungie is closed.

Sony Playstation- New Via Twitter

Bungie also shared some words of appreciation and expressed his excitement to "join our incredible team.

Sony Playstation- Shared Some Words

Bungie stated, "We are proud and excited to join the amazing team at PlayStation. We are excited about our future.

Sony Playstation- Proud & Excited

Sony had announced it would acquire Bungie in February 2022 at $3.6 billion, but the SEC filing from July 15.

Sony Playstation- Bungie in Feb

Bungie stated that the company would be operated as an "independent subsidiary" of SIE.

Sony Playstation- Independent

Image Source-USAToday

It will also remain a multiplatform studio, with the option to self-publish and reach players wherever they wish.

Sony Playstation- Multi Platform

Image Source-NYTIMES

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