Cade Cunningham- Detroit Pistons

The Detroit Pistons selected Cade Cunningham as their number one pick and found the young player.

Similar was true in 1994, when Grant Hill was drafted by the Pistons. He quickly became an All-Star.

Cade Cunningham- Was Drafted

Cade Cunningham- Lot to Prove

However, Cade Cunningham still has a lot to prove before we can call him the saving grace of the Detroit Pistons.

Analyst Greg Anthony believes he has seen enough. According to Mike Curtis (Pistons' beat writer).

Cade Cunningham- Analyst Belief

Cade's answer was very interesting to me. It also shows that Cade has a deep knowledge of the game.

Cade Cunningham- Very Interesting

Which is more surprising considering he wasn’t born at the time Grant Hill joined the league.

Cade Cunningham- Consider

Anthony's statement about Grant Hill's lack of a jump shot is something I disagree with.

Cade Cunningham- A Jump Shot

Image Source- NY Times

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Hill was a lot more successful at the rim than he was at mid-range, and it's not hard to believe.

Cade Cunningham- More Successful

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