Cadillac Celestiq- Luxury EV

If you've got $300,000 in your wallet, but you don't mind having to wait a few years to purchase a luxury electric car.

Cadillac's Celestiq pulled the curtain back to correctly expose The EV for the first time.

Cadillac Celestiq- Curtain Pulled

Cadillac Celestiq- Anticipated

Given the anticipated price isn't it a surprise that Cadillac describes it as an "ultra-luxury".

 While the brand is keeping a low profile on the specifications as of now, the manufacturer has provided.

Cadillac Celestiq- A Low Profile

The Celestiq will come with hand-crafted components with all-wheel drive, and four-wheel steering.

Cadillac Celestiq- Hand Crafted

The interiors are said to provide a personalized experience for both passengers and drivers.

Cadillac Celestiq- Experience

Image Source- New York Posr

In one way, The roof has "four-quadrant, suspended-particle-device smart glass."

Cadillac Celestiq- Four Quadrant

Image Source- Wards Auto

There are a variety of screens in the cabin which includes a 55-inch end-to-end LED dashboard.

Cadillac Celestiq- LED Screens

Image Source- The Verge

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