Caleb Martin- Miami Heat

Heat Wing Caleb Martin, who they signed to a two-way deal only a few months prior was then drafted into the starting lineup.

Martin was not able to spend for more than 26 minutes in the first 17 games in Miami and was averaging 5.1 scores.

Caleb Martin- Points Scored

In his debut Heat debut, Martin scored 18 points with four boards, and the ability to assist with 8-of-15 shots.

Caleb Martin- Shots Ability

Even though Miami was beaten, Martin still provided a solid blend of spark as well as a floor spacer.

Caleb Martin- Solid Blend

Martin scored 28 points for his career, which included three assists, eight rebounds and two blocks.

Caleb Martin- Assists & Rebounds

Martin scored 9 of 12 shots, including 6-of-8 beyond the arc, and an unbeatable 4-of-4 on the line.

Caleb Martin- Unbeatable Arc

Image Source- Hot Hot Hoops

Caleb Martin- Does His Best

Image Source- Hot Hot Hoops

"How could you not like Caleb Martin?" Max Strus said after the Dec. 9 victory. "The dude just does his best.

In all, Martin started 12 games in Miami in the last season, and the team went 8-4 in these games.

Caleb Martin- Last Season

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