Calvin Ridley- Wide Receiver

Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Calvin Ridley is currently being suspended for a full year by the NFL.

He bet to bet on Atlanta Falcons winning games while taking a break due to medical reasons.

Calvin Ridley- Atlanta Falcons

Calvin Ridley- Migitating Circumstances

In spite of the fact that there were mitigating circumstances, the league decided to impose the normal punishment.

The cases of 23 have been resolved out of court and an investigation by the league has found him.

Calvin Ridley- An Investigations

This Atlanta Falcons wideout has now gone on Twitter to voice his opinion with a mysterious message that reads.

Calvin Ridley- Gone on Twitter

The tweet of the NFL's president is definitely exactly in line with the opinions of most NFL supporters.

Calvin Ridley- Exactly in Line

But, will the NFL be compelled to respond to what many consider as a clear act of unfairness?

Calvin Ridley- Compelled to Respond

Calvin Ridley- Collective Bargaining

Image Source- Aira News Network

The collective bargaining contract has strict timelines and procedures that allow the most limited flexibility.

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