Cam Reddish- Towards Training

While the NBA offseason winds down The Dallas Mavericks appear to be happy with their current team heading towards training.

Alongside the fact that they missed out on a trade in exchange for Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell In addition.

Cam Reddish- Trade

New York Knicks now have to contend with the possibility of fourth-year player Cam Reddish potentially wanting a shift in scenery.

Cam Reddish- Fourth Year Player

In the simplest case there's a good chance that Reddish could be a good choice for Dallas.

Cam Reddish- Dallas

he Mavs could benefit from an wing that could do better off the bounce than Finney Smith and Bullock," one NBA Scout.

Cam Reddish- NBA Scout

Dallas required that third wing to help them during the playoffs, and I can see Reddish as the perfect candidate for that.

Cam Reddish- Playoff

Cam Reddish- Enhance

Image Source- SI.COM

While they Mavs' requirement for a second ball-handler who is not on the bench the there is another area that the team can enhance.

 If they can, maybe it will prevent Dorian Finney-Smith as well as Reggie Bullock from being completely exhausted

Cam Reddish- Reggie Bullock

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