Cameron Heyward- Difficult Week

It was a difficult week for the NFL with several teams getting involved in fights in joint practices.

There was brawls between the New England Patriots and Carolina Panthers were the main focus of early media.

Cameron Heyward- Was Brawl

Cameron Heyward, the fights confirmed his worries about joint practice. After a WWE-style Rams-Bengals Royal Rumble.

Cameron Heyward- Fight Confirmed

It sounds cool to see your team compete in a practice setting but it's basically a 2 and half-hour wrestling match.

Cameron Heyward- Practice Setting

There was a fight between the Giants and Jets even though they made it through without incident.

Cameron Heyward- Fight Between

In 2005 the two teams got involved in numerous fights that ran for the entire duration of the practice.

Cameron Heyward- Numerous Fights

Donald's actions only serve to bring attention to the possible issues and deficiencies in the regulations.

Cameron Heyward- Possible Issue

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Cameron Heyward- NFL Discipline

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As Heyward stated, players appear more likely to go insane without the anxiety that comes with NFL discipline

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