Caris LeVert- Cleveland Cavaliers

In the 2022/23 NBA year, Caris LeVert enters the last term of the contract that he signed with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Leaving questions to be addressed about whether Cleveland Cavaliers will extend his contract an extension.

 Caris LeVert- To be Addressed

The Cleveland Cavaliers have captivated headlines in the past week because of their purchase of Donovan Mitchell.

 Caris LeVert- Past Week

RJ Barrett to a four-year contract for their rookie and the Cavaliers and Jazz reached an agreement.

 Caris LeVert- An Agreement

The Cavaliers have been elevated to the top of their position in the Eastern Conference playoff picture.

 Caris LeVert- Their Position

The core group comprised of Donovan Mitchell, Darius Garland, Jarrett Allen and Evan Mobley gets all the attention.

 Caris LeVert- All Attention

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 Caris LeVert- To the Deadline

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One of them is Caris LeVert whom the Cavs dealt for prior to the deadline for trades in the last season.

LeVert played an important position in the middle for Cleveland last season and is currently heading to best.

 Caris LeVert- Last Season

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