Carl Nassib- New Social Media

Carl Nassib, an NFL player has revealed a new social media platform that he hopes will allow volunteers.

To connect with local nonprofit organizations and allow them to receive a steady stream of donations.

Carl Nassib- NonProfit Organizations

Carl Nassib- Four Years Ago

Rayze was an idea he created four years ago, Nassib explained to CNN's Anderson Cooper.

Nassib stated, "I had an incredible experience volunteering at a juvenile court." It was only half a mile away.

Carl Nassib- Incrdible Experience

It was half a mile from a millionaire team and a billionaire community, and nobody knew.

Carl Nassib- From a Millionaire

The app will allow people to search for organizations that match their interests and can be used.

Carl Nassib- People to Search

According to the website, the app can also be used by nonprofits to get donations more easily.

Carl Nassib- To get Donations

Image Source- The New York Times

App was also created to be a social media platform that users can be used to get a little bit of positivity.

Carl Nassib- For Positivity

Image Source- CNBC

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